public API, is a free database service for travellers around the world. Everyone can access the set of information that is considered a prerequisite to having a hassle-free journey. The information that provides includes the following: health & vaccines, weather, visa requirements, currency, electric sockets and language.

This API enables developers and researchers to integrate (parts of) our database in their own projects

0. Rules

Furthermore, it would be nice if you place a reference to in your project.

1. List of available countries

A list of all available countries in the travelbriefing database can be found in the following JSON file

This files contains the official name of the country as well as the URL to a JSON file with country details

2. Data per country

Specific country information can be retrieved by adding ?format=json to the end of country page. For example:


API newsletter

This newsletter will only be used to make technical announcements such as changes in the data structure, new features or scheduled maintenence on our servers