South Sudan

Republic of South Sudan

Other countries in the neighborhood of South Sudan are Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Central African Republic and Burundi

Travel advice

Do not travel

Australia - Department of foreign affairs
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avoid all travel

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Drinking water

Unfortunately we do not have information about tap water in South Sudan


Africa/Juba (GMT +03:00)

That makes the current date and time May 20, 2022, 8:59 pm

Visa requirements

Visa requirements for South Sudan if you are coming from


The currency in South Sudan is South Sudanese Pound

South Sudanese Pound


The languages spoken in South Sudan are English and Arabic


Unfortunately we do not have information about the weather in South Sudan

Vaccinations and health

There are no vaccinations for South Sudan


Country code +211


230 Volt 50 Herz
Plug type C
Plug type D