Republic of Iraq

Other countries in the neighborhood of Iraq are Syria, Kuwait, Armenia, Lebanon and Jordan

Travel advice

Do not travel

Australia - Department of foreign affairs
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avoid all travel

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Drinking water

Drinking tap water in Iraq is not safe


Asia/Baghdad (GMT +03:00)

That makes the current date and time May 24, 2022, 9:43 am

Visa requirements

Visa requirements for Iraq if you are coming from


The currency in Iraq is Iraqi Dinar

Iraqi Dinar


The languages spoken in Iraq are Arabic and Kurdish*

* Not an official language / spoken in some parts of the country


Average temperature (°C) in Iraq per month

Average precipitation (mm) in Iraq per month

Vaccinations and health

Hepatitis A

Vaccination is recommended for all travelers to this country

Hepatitis B

The vaccination advice is personal. Consult a qualified medical professional to determine whether vaccination is useful for you

Yellow fever

Yellow fever does not occur in this country. However, vaccination is required if you are traveling from a country with the risk of yellow fever


Vaccination is recommended if you are staying 2 weeks or longer in this country


Vaccination is recommended for all travelers to this country


Country code +964


230 Volt 50 Herz
Plug type C
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